Singapore Food Tour

A Quick Guide For Singapore Food Tour

If you are a food lover, then you are also a Singapore lover. Singapore is famous for its dishes, malls, shopping, etc. so, you must go on a Singapore food tour to taste the flavor of best hawker’s stalls.

About The Tour               

Singapore’s food tour is almost three hours with a local guide. You can book a tour as per your time and guide preferences. When you go for a tour, you need to move on foot, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes. The tour may include a tasting of more than 10 dishes and drinks. Small snacks and full-sized meals are included. You can take a flavor of every food. You need not finish every bite. In any Singapore food tour, you will get the basic taste of Singaporean culture. If you start your tour at 9 AM, then its best for you.

Singaporean Food

Singaporean food has a flavor of three cultures; Chinese, Malay, and Indian. Eating in nicely furnished restaurants might not give a taste of real Singaporean food. So you must try food made by hawkers. Hawker market is very simple to find. You will get one or more neighbor who loves hawker’s food. The topmost hawker stalls have a long queue. So you should not bother that long queue if you want to taste the real flavor.

Singapore Food Tour

Some Popular Dishes Of Singapore   

  • Laksa: It is a perfect combination of Chinese and Malay flavors plus ingredients in one bowl. Rice noodles and starch of a bowl of Laksa with gravy full of protein, herbs, and vegetables. Laksa is also of many types. Some of Laksa includes coconut milk and mostly has water in it. It is a favorite dish of the Malay Peninsula.
  • Bak Kut Teh: It is a pork bone tea. Normally people do not consume tea with pork but as per Wikipedia. Tea helps in losing grease created by pork. It is one of the favorite dishes in Malaysia and Singapore and has some parts of Chinese culture.
  • Hokkien Mee: It is a fried noodle hawker dish of Singapore. This dish has a taste of china’s Fujian province (the place from where Hokkien people belong).
  • Chicken Rice: It is a combo of boiled chicken with flavored rice and sauce. This is a Hainanese influenced dish. It is one of the popular dishes in Singapore. It is mainly famous in Thailand with the name of Khao man gai.


At last, take the time to make a plan to taste the delicious flavor of Singapore. Singaporean food may be waiting for you. So book your tour and enjoy it.