Bokshandschoenen Dames- Get The Power In Your Hands With The Best Ladies Boxing Gloves

Bokshandschoenen Dames- Get The Power In Your Hands With The Best Ladies Boxing Gloves

Boxing is done by men as well as women, but not long back men had the upper hand in boxing, and women did not get the proper exposure, but now all has changed, women outsmart men in any sport. But as men dominated the area of boxing, finding the right equipment in ladies boxing was a bit difficult. But now Bokshandschoenen dames ladies boxing gloves come in all shapes and sizes and colors.

Types of gloves

Ladies gloves also come under different categories:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Punching bag gloves
  • Kickboxing gloves

Boxing gloves:

If you are a woman who is new to boxing, then your first purchase should be regular boxing gloves, until you are sure which type of boxing you want it is better to go with the regular ones. Because the regular gloves give protection to the entire hand and so this is a safe choice.

Punching bag gloves

If you are already training for some time then you can make use of punching bag gloves and you can train safely with them. A punching bag glove is slightly straighter and is smaller and lighter and has less filling. So when boxing using a boxing bandage or an inner glove will be safe.

Ladies Kickboxing gloves

When compared to regular boxing gloves kickboxing gloves are flatter and harder and it is safe for use to only advanced boxers because you cannot hit a punching bag with it. So if you are trained well enough then you can use kickboxing gloves.

While boxing shoes also are very important. Normal shoes cannot be used for boxing, a special kind of shoes are available for boxers, because while boxing strain will be on the ankles, so a special kind of shoes called high top shoes are given to boxers so that it gives more support to the ankles. The waarom zijn boksschoenen hoog or why are boxing shoes high? It is because it gives proper support to the ankle and that your ankle does not sprain while boxing. So it is always safe to wear high boxing shoes while you are training and when you are playing a match.

Why is it safe to use high boxing shoes?

Shoes give a lot of ankle support so you can change your foot direction faster and this leads to faster and stronger punches. So for better performance and for better footwork you need to wear high boxing shoes.


Get the right kind of ladies boxing gloves so that you can do your training with the best quality products and with the correct kind of shoes that support your ankle properly so that you can perform well and get better results.