wall art for living room

Champagne Art and Wall Art Ideas For You

“Art is something that makes a different kind of happiness.” These words by Anni Albers have been rightly saying. Art is proven to be suitable for the mental health quality of an individual. It mak s a person feel fresh and happy. Art is a form of expression humans use to communicate their thoughts, ideas, concepts, and opinions. Art can be painting, wall art ideas, music, dance, theatre, or anything, a creative means.

Art and us

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the importance and value of art. People are interacting with artistic pieces and perspectives much more than before. It is more common to find a painting, musical instruments, or artistic dance in the houses. Talking about paintings, it is one of the most loved forms of art. One can find different kinds of paintings hanging on someone’s decorative wall. From traditional art types such as Madhubani, cheriyal, Worli, or miniature paintings to modern art. Modern art may symbolize current issues and topics that people are facing in society. It could be black and white or a mosaic of color. One can find a House’s decorative wall to be a place dedicated to creativity.

wall art for living room

Some wall art ideas for you

Art can be made about everything and anything. It just needs a little touch of imagination and creativity. The champagne art is a perfect example of that. Paintings depicting champagne represent the modern era. Many people hang champagne art on their creative walls.  Apart from paintings, there are other ideas for wall art that you can try.

  • Go green – Many people also hang creeper plants on their decorative walls. It gives a fresh feeling as well plants are suitable for oxygen. You can grow small saplings and nurture them. Make a little vertical garden in your house.
  • Antique pieces – If you have any antique pieces at your home, it could be a vintage lamp or an old photograph can also work well as an addition to the wall. You can also build a small shelf and place your prestigious medals and certificates over there. Vintage clocks also look beautiful here. Clocks with a big radius look very classic and just right for every type of wall.
  • Mirror – Different sizes of mirrors always look attractive. You can get different shapes and sizes of mirrors framed and hang there. According to which keeping a mirror will reflect the negative energy that enters your house, there is also an old saying. Moreover, they add some excellent aesthetic value to the place.
  • Play with ceramic – if you have beautiful pottery, that can work too. Yes, pottery is the new art. Many people opt for putting up ceramic plates having colorful patterns and designs on their decorative walls.

If you ever found yourself wondering what you should do to make your creative wall space, there were some that you can try apart from painting.