Cover it up with a sturdy and fascinating Mobile Cover

Cover it up with a sturdy and fascinating Mobile Cover

We live in a time where gadget dependency is increasing rapidly. The list of accessories that complement these devices is almost endless, from earplugs, memory cards, to data cables and speakers. But a mobile cover is the most important phone accessory as it’s going to safeguard your smartphone during unintentional drops.

Mobile cover: the perfect bodyguard for your phone

Evolution of mobile covers

Mobile covers have come too far from being mere protectors of gadgets. They have explored the innovative end and now depict style, sense of humor and can also speak a lot about you. A mobile phone case can give other people a massive hint about your taste and personality. And at Bewakoof, you have the chance to play with diverse styles, designs, and patterns by choosing from a wide variety of options in mobile cases and covers.

Let’s have a look at some incredible options if you own an iPhone 11.

What are the Different Types of Customized iPhone 11cases available online?

With existing printing technologies, almost any type of mobile back cover can have your photos & designs printed on them. Customized Back Covers are available in the following types:

  • Phone Cover with Wallet – This mobile pouch provides 360-degree protection to your phone in case of fall. You can also keep your currency notes and credit/debit cards inside the wallet flip cover. Get this trendy Mobile Cover with a wallet personalized with your photo and be the star of your group.
  • Mobile Cases with your Photo – This is the most popular variant of phone cases. You can get any photo (or multiple photos) printed on the iPhone 11 cover. These are also available in hard plastic & soft silicone materials.
  • Mobile Cover with Holder – Phone cases with pop socket holder grip is also a good option. You can add the same or different images on the phone & pop socket while customizing them.
  • Phone Cover with Screen Protector – You can add flexible glass screen guards at the time of customizing the phone cover at a low price. The screen guards are available for all phone models. These are scratch resistant and tamper-proof.
  • Phone Cover with Purse – Like wallet cases, phone cases with purse also provide complete protection to the phone and carry purse items inside the phone case. It means you will not have to carry a purse separately with mobile purse cases. Like all other cases, purse phone covers are also customizable completely.
  • Mobile Cases with Stand – Phone cover with stand is beneficial when you want to keep the phone in an inclined position while watching movies/videos on your smartphone. They stand on their back, enabling you to keep the phone within the viewable range. The front of the flip cover can be printed and customized.
  • Flip Cover with Photo – Flip cases can also be customized with your photos and are available in variants like leather flip cases, mirror view flip covers. Like mobile cases with stand & wallet phone covers, flip cases also protect your phone from front & back.
  • Phone Covers with Name – You can easily get your name or any other text printed on the phone cover. You can also add emojis along with your text on the mobile cases. Back cases are available in soft silicone & hard polycarbonate (or Plastic) materials.

What are the benefits of buying mobile covers for your expensive phone?

There are several advantages to end users of mobile covers or cases. Nevertheless, probably the absolute most benefits are as follows.

  1. Drop protection
  2. Tactile and anti-slip
  3. Unique and stylish look
  4. Tight-fitting
  5. Permanent
  6. Heating and dust resistance
  7. Protect and permit full accessibility to touch displays

The trendy mobile covers online shopping is nowadays the subject of just a few clicks. Bewakoofhas achieved its consumers’ confidence as they can shop designer mobile cases together with extreme feasibility. Moreover, our portal’s designer mobile covers revolve around such unique text and images layouts at a low price tag that nobody can refuse to look at them. Along with that, we have all the hottest trendy mobile covers set that you will wish to put in the cart from the assortment. Thus, without a lot of fuss, get started with the fashionable mobile cover online shopping and kick-in to the best adventure.