short term rental apartment hk

Different Benefits Of Short Term Rental Apartment Hk

In the real estate investment game, renting out a property or property leasing is one of the most common types of property investments. It’s a well-known source of income that has been around for centuries. One type of rental which has become increasingly popular recently is short term rental apartment hk. Short term rental properties are those in which the owner of the property will rent out a fully furnished home for a short term stay. These types of properties are especially popular amongst holiday-goers, business travelers, and locals who are looking for a place to spend a staycation. They tend to be rented out for anywhere between a few days to a few months, although the latter is rather rare.

The luxury Service apartment hk occupies a middle ground between hotels and regular rental apartments. Expat living in Hong Kong is often temporary to complete a work assignment, and many ex-pats do not expect to stay permanently. However, they still desire to live comfortably in a spacious environment, as many are accompanied by their families. Renting a regular apartment is often not a possibility with rental contracts in Hong Kong stipulating at least 1 to 2 years. Most hotel rooms do not provide as much space as rental apartments, and cannot provide the same feeling of being a home away from home.

short term rental apartment hk


Flexibility: You get to choose the time to rent and you can rent out the property for as much or as little as you choose.

Earning Potential: As we mentioned earlier, short-term rentals can be very lucrative. Property managers can set the prices according to the demand, time of year, property type, and so on. Based on these factors, there is great potential for some gratifying earnings.

Less wear and tear on a property: Since tenants are moving in and out frequently, the property is not used daily, leading to less wear and tear. What’s more, you can use the times that it is not occupied to make any necessary repairs and maintenance tasks and prevent any damage from getting out of hand.

Social Benefits: Some of the most interesting people out there are the ones who travel. You never know what kind of new and interesting friends you might meet when you rent out your property to a traveler on vacation. Like an owner, tenants have the option of choosing the time they want to stay and leave (as long as the owner agrees). You also have no obligation to stay for say a year as most long term rentals require. Now you can stay for the only as long need to in the luxury Service apartment hk.

Fully Furnished: Almost every short term rental comes fully furnished, which means tenants need not worry about having to buy more furniture or appliances. You are more than likely to find a place that is well equipped to provide a comfortable stay.

Better than some hotels: Many short-term rentals are very much like hotels, offering excellent amenities, spacious accommodation, and a high level of comfort, all at relatively affordable prices.