Say No To Racism: Black Lives Matter Sacramento

Since the dawn of civilisation ‘racism’ has been a cruel part of our society and has given rise to a major historical turning ‘Colonial Rule’. ‘Black lives matter’ is the largest movement in the history of US, founded on 13 July 2013 and is a major concern in our society based on racism.Founder of the Black lives matter are Alicia Garza, PatrisseCullors and Opal Tometi.

Black lives matter Sacramento is a protest and decentralized global movement that held up across the world in the protection of rights and identities of the African American people.

The demands of the black lives matter are policy demand for black power, freedom and justice and reparations for past and continuing harms. This protest faced many difficulties due to some disputes.

The major 13 principles of black lives matter are-

    • Empathy
    • Loving Engagement
    • Diversity
    • Globalism
    • Queer Affirming
    • Trans Affirming
    • Collective Value
    • Restorative Justice
    • Intergenerational
    • Black Families
  • Black Villages
  • Unapologetically Black
  • Black women

Different kinds of Racism in society

  • Aversive Racism– a kind of subtle racism where people do not follow any constitutional right including right to equality and freedom; white people maintain distance from the black people and have a dominating behaviour for them.
  • Ethnocentric Racism– this racism is based on cultural superiority where the white people think they can only enjoy the cultural rights and poses cultural threat to the blacks. And, these threats are based on custom, beliefs, behaviours, religion or any particular language.
  • Symbolic Racism– this involves the cultural segregation where people are divided into two different communities; black community and the white community.
  • Biological Racism– it involves the misguided understanding that allows us to understand one class is biologically superior to the other on the basis of skin colour.

One of the best example of biological racism that we can witness during the Nazi rule in 30s and 40s where ‘The Aryans’ who were considered pure and superior.

  • Systematic Racism– was very popular in USA that announces formal and economical laws came into practice against the black people.
  • Institutional Racism– this racism is based on discrimination of the black people from joining any institution.

More than 40% of the population of US were involved in this protest. Police has arrested more than 14000 people from 49 different cities on the charge of violating curfews and blocking all the roadways hampering the economic stability of the place.