A lot of people have the dilemma of giving up some of their belongings when moving to a smaller space. One of the most common things they decide to part with are shoes. A smaller home may not be able to accommodate all the shoes you own. Moving to a smaller space does not mean you have to own less things though. What you need is storage solutions. Smart shoe storage solutions will not only give you more space, you will also save time. These will also protect your footwear for a longer time.

Dressing room with shoe storage solutions

If the closet of your new home is smaller than what you need, you can transform a spare bedroom to a dressing room. You can use this walk-in closet as a shoe storage, too. It provides you a comfortable space for your valuable wardrobe and footwear. A pullout rack would be perfect for this space. You can build it to any depth of shelf to allow storage of shoes more than one row deep. You can also use that to store purses and other small items.

Custom wardrobes with shoe storage

There are custom wardrobes that let you add shoe storage on the interior base. You can choose to add it within its open shelving or add a pullout rack. You can place the wardrobe in your bedroom. You can also put the wardrobe in a front entryway to save space. It gives you more storage space while complementing your home’s d├ęcor.

Upgrade mudroom

You can upgrade your mudroom to allow for more shoe storage room. You can add shoe racks, open shelving storage, or have them hidden away within a built-in bench. You can also redesign an entryway closet by removing the doors. You can then incorporate these features to serve as shoe storage. Adding a practical shoe storage to your mudroom minimizes clutter and disorganization.

Shoe boxes

Using shoe boxes will help maintain a neat and uncluttered appearance. You can find room for storing shoes if you use shoe boxes. You can put these boxes almost anywhere even if your space is small. These boxes protect your footwear while you store them under your bed or in any free space in your closets. You can stack them on the floor or on mid-level open shelving. You can also put them up top in the free vertical space of your closets. There is no need to buy stylish storage boxes if you can use the original shoe boxes. Use labels if you prefer the stylish storage boxes. It will help you locate specific pairs of shoes without difficulties.

There are so many shoe storage solutions to make your small space more functional. The CraftSide blog can help you with other storage solutions if you need any.