Stay-Away Horse Shows: The Essentials You Need To Pack

Stay-Away Horse Shows: The Essentials You Need To Pack

Are you planning to participate in a stay-away horse show? Then, you need to chalk out the checklist that you ought to take along with you. While most of the horse-owners focus on packing some of the horse-riding kits including the stable rugs, they miss out on the other essentials. Undoubtedly the horse-riding kit is important and should be prioritised in the first place. But there are some other tools that you need to pack as well. This article will let you know all the important pieces of equipment that you require carrying while in stay-away horse shows.

Legal papers

The first and foremost important stuff that you must pack carefully is the legal papers. Unless you prove your horse eligible for the show through paperwork, the management will not allow you to get involved with it.  Some of the crucial papers that the show organisers would ask you to exhibit include the registration papers of your horse-breed, its permits and health reports, membership of the association of the show, and the evidence that your horse does not have Coggins.

Kit for grooming

The first impression of your horse would come from its appearance. Hence, you should always keep the grooming of your horse in check. Every time, your horse steps within the ring, you have to spruce it up. Thus, carrying the regular grooming kit of your horse is necessary. The kit must include the followings-

  • Baby oil to use around the horse’s eyes
  • Hoof polish to make the hooves of your horse look elegant
  • Combs to brush its silky mane and tail
  • Sprays to keep away flies
  • Gentle wipes to remove the dust from the body of the horse
  • Coat conditioner to make its fur shiny and graceful

 First-aid gear

Regardless to mention, keeping the first-aid gear whenever you step out for a horse show is important. Be it a minor cut or a deep injury, giving immediate first-aid to the innocent creature is extremely important. Thus, you should always pack gauze pads, disinfectant, vet wrap, anti-inflammatory, etc.

Other gears

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, stable rugs are must-carry items. It works in keeping the horse warm in a colder climate. Apart from it, make sure to pack the rider’s kit. The gears that you should carry in your rider’s kit include breeches, stock pin, boots, riding jacket, helmets, etc.

Hopefully, if you keep all these above-mentioned gears in your travel bag, you would have an amazing experience in a stay-away horse show.