Lion Face Masks

Top things to look at before buying the face mask

Here we will look at some questions that you have to ask yourself when buying the face mask online. With the face coverings compulsory in the shops everywhere, and on the public transport as lockdown started easing, many of us are looking out for the masks that can carry us through this new normal. You can buy some of the most stylish face masks for sale online. Thus, what makes the good face mask? How much you must be paying for? Many fashion designers & high street brands already have launched the versions of an ideal face mask over past some weeks, and creating the reusable designs that will be washed at the high temperatures, however, which don’t use any essential PPE supplies required by the key workers. Here, test the knowledge of where you must be wearing the masks – and questions you have to ask before you buy one…

Does my face mask have to be graded?

Many brands have selected to pivot to manufacturing of the Lion Face Masks. Some of them are even donating mask, thus buying some for yourself helps somebody in need. But, it is not necessary to buy only medical-graded mask and we must keep it for the healthcare officials. Often the masks feature the pocket for additional filter. In the terms of use, “handle this by ties and ear loops, and not fabric front. Clean your hands after you take your mask out, and either hang your mask to dry out, or clean it before next use. And suppose you are buying the masks online it is the good idea that you clean it before you wear for the first time.

Lion Face Masks

Knowing that the masks are in huge demand and designed by the super-small teams (at times one person), the stock is fluctuating. We will be updating the post frequently with the new places you can buy the mask, so if you do not see the option you like, you can check out later. Keep in mind that face masks will help to prevent spread of the COVID-19, by protecting people with the symptoms from the healthy people, still it is important to isolate in case you do have any kind of symptoms. Suppose you suspect of having coronavirus symptoms, know how you can book the COVID-19 test.

When to wear the face mask?

It is good to wear your face masks in the confined spaces. We know from the studies that around 80% of the people with the COVID-19 do not have any symptoms & 40% to 80% of the infections are generally transmitted by the people without any kind of symptoms. Thus, an idea is if we wore the face coverings in the small shops, public transport and enclosed spaces –we would be less possible to spread this virus unknowingly.”