Tutor For Board Exams

Choosing The Best Tutor For Board Exams

The board exams are indeed a big deal for each student. The results of the exams directly influence the courses and the colleges that a student will be eligible to join. Thus, it is a common practice to get tutored for the board exams outside school. The school will of course be the primary coaching entity. However, some students can achieve a lot with the extra push. As schools cannot afford to provide individual attention to each student, tutors are preferred, especially for science subjects such as ib chemistry that are perceived to be tougher.

Hiring the right tutor

Parents who hire a tutor for their ward should spend extra money on the ward’s education. Therefore, they should research enough before finalizing a tutor for the child. Under the right tutor, every child can perform their best.

Here are a few things to check while appointing a tutor for a child appearing for the board exams.

  • The trial session/the first class

Paying for a service after a limited-period trial is common today. Thus, it is not wrong to apply the same concept to hire a tutor. Check if there is a trial class. If not, one must enquire how the tutor approaches the first class.

The preferred attitude would be to have a chat with the child to test the child’s aptitude. Later, the tutor may even conduct a small assessment to get a better understanding – whether the student has a good grasp on the basic concepts of the subject. The tutor may then proceed to design the teaching methods, tests and assessments that best suit the child’s learning style.

Tutor For Board Exams

  • Teaching methods

Each subject requires a different teaching style. For instance, a chemistry tutor may want to finish school coursework in advance and proceed with explaining the past papers. On the other hand, an IGCSE mathematics tutor would want to make sure that the student has mastered the concepts and knows when to apply each formula or theorem.

Things to consider

Regardless of the subject, paying for a tutor would be a waste of time and money if the tutor follows the same methods followed at school. As the whole purpose of hiring a tutor is to give individual attention to the child, parents must stress on the tutor developing customized teaching and assessment methods for their child.

Also, tutors can help students prepare better for their university. Tutors have a good knowledge of the courses and entrance exams for a career in the subjects that they tutor. So, along with giving practice using past board exam papers, they can also guide the student on planning for university. Overall, parents should make sure that extra tutoring is worth the money.