Diamond jewelry marked as priceless, as the essence of the relationship we carry

Diamond jewelry marked as priceless, as the essence of the relationship we carry

Presenting diamond rings as wedding gifts or a as core part of the rituals is seen all over the world.

Why is it that we choose diamonds to celebrate our love more than any other stones? With many stores keeping in mind, what place diamonds hold in people’s life; have changed a lot over the years in the way the businesses are being done and, in the way, the many wedding diamond rings are being offered. one such result of this thinking is seen in the designs into which the diamonds are being molded into.

 Also understanding how auspicious an occasion marriage is considered in one’s life the online and offline stores offer good discounts on all wedding rings up to 10%. Also, for many people to suit their wishes and fancies and what the ring signifies for them, the many jewelry manufacturing companies in Australia have come up with many categories of wedding ring designs to choose from. To detail them out, the designs are divided into 5 basic types with their prices ranging anywhere between 2000$ to 6000$ depending on the diamond and the artisan’s craft at this online store https://www.shjewellery.com.au/collections/engagement-rings They are namely:


  • Solitaire – single diamond at the center with a plain, polished ring surrounding the diamond. Considered simple yet sophisticated suiting many people’s personalities.
  • Halo – this design includes a single diamond in the center with a ring or band of smaller diamonds surrounding it called the pave set design adding sparkle and attraction.
  • Timeless – along with the higher carat center diamond a few other diamonds are added to accent the diamond giving an overall timeless look to the wedding rings there is.
  • Three diamond – this design has an edge over others where 3 higher carat diamonds are placed side by side representing the pas present and future of the relationships.
  • Modern – these are one of its kind designs which can include all the above said features and still have a free will over the design.

Not only these there are different cuts on the diamond like the princess cut ,cushion cut, emerald cut, 4 point, 5-point 6 claw etc which can be clubbed with many other ring designs. The other ring designs may be simple polished, others might be split double bridged, and have up to 4 bands with some variations like floral, intertwined bands. Not only this many men’s rings are without diamonds which have them made in platinum otherwise called white gold, yellow gold, 2 tone gold or sometimes embedded with a small diamond in the center. The rings are made for many occasions like engagement rings; wedding rings; anniversary rings. And not only these non-occasional rings like the stackable rings are also available to choose from.