Why You May Need Timber Bollards

Why You May Need Timber Bollards?

Are you looking out for ways to improve the security of your premises? Timber bollards can be an excellent option for you. It is sturdy, durable, and can last for many years, providing the needed safety to your property. There are several applications of these bollards- as boundaries or to protect the building. It can even help in improving the safety of the roads- both for the traffic and pedestrian. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of installing these bollards in detail.


These bollards stand out from bollards made of other materials like steel because they blend easily with the surroundings. Whether these are installed in the boundary of your private property or public places, they perfectly complement the environment. Their shape and size can be customized perfectly according to the requirements.


One of the best things about bollards made of timber is that they are comparatively cheaper than other bollards. It is not only about the material; if you add labor cost, production time, and equipment used in making these bollards, it would indeed come out as an affordable option.

Environment Friendly

Timbers are natural; they come from nature and hence are not harmful to the environment. Steel bollards, on the other hand, require more time and manpower to be manufactured. They do not blend well with the environment too. On the other hand, timber absorbs carbon dioxide from the surrounding environment, helping you breathe in the fresh air. These are made from materials that decompose naturally, and hence there is no added effort to recycle them when not in need.


These bollards are ideal devices to be used for security. It helps protect premises from vehicle accidents, which means if your building is at a high-risk zone, then installing bollards made of timber would be a good decision. Both public and private properties use these bollards to provide extra protection to the exterior of the buildings. It blends well with the aesthetics, so you would not have to worry about ugly-looking boundaries outside your premises. They can last for many years and withstand harsh weather conditions. Once you have installed these bollards, you will not have to worry about replacing them.

Thus, it can be concluded that timber bollards can be put into a wide range of usages. Being available in various shapes and sizes, you would not have to worry whether they would be able to demarcate or work as a boundary for the premises. If you are thinking about installing these bollards on your premises, ensure you get it done from a reputable company. The timber used in making the bollards should be of high quality, or else you will not get the desired results.