popular hen’s night out party games

Spice Up The Hens Night in Thailand With Popular Games

Similar to men, women also love partying in this fast growing world. There are many different kinds of options made available for women as well with the help of which they can enjoy themselves and also party hard. In this fast growing stressful world, it is highly important for one to party in order to relax and stay away from the tension for a while. Partying at the time of getting married is also very important as saying goodbye to the life of being single in a beautiful manner is also very important. And this cannot be completed without fun hen party games to spice up the night. Get the bride drunk is now passé, which is why you need party games. There are also many games that even mature women can appreciate and enjoy. Hens night Thailand is a kind of vacation or party which is kept for the women who is about toget married. In this kind of a party or vacation, the women who is getting married is accompanied with close friends especially women. No matter where the hen night takes place, the whole group shall be able to join in the fun. It is just that simple. A few easy games will have everyone busy in a flash and nobody can complain because what is the point of a party when the guests don’t want to take part.

 Some of the most popular hen’s night out party games is:

Night of truth and dare

One of the most loved games which one enjoys at a hens night Thailand is the game of truth and dare. By getting a set of hen party dare dice or cards, everybody can join in the fun. These parties are as it is always hosted in such a way to make things very uncomfortable, so might as well give way to a game of truth and dare. Normally, the women in the establishment are more than willing to participate during such events so that they can enjoy themselves. A night of truth or dare is actually a good way for the hen group to get to know each other really well as this game tends to bring out those weirdest skeletons in the closet as well. Also, it is a fun way to ensure that the whole night is a fun affair for everyone and everyone can enjoy themselves.

popular hen’s night out party games

Go to beaches

Another most loved activity by the women on a hens night Thailand is to go to beaches or even plan parties on a beach side. While being on a beach side, one can enjoy the food and their drinks amidst nature,.Women love being in sexy bikinis and this can also be a theme of the party. So planning a party on the side of a beach is recommended at the time of planning a hens night Thailand.

Have fun with the bride

There are games that will allow everyone to get to know the bride too or test their knowledge about her. This will force your bride to participate and hosting games will specifically involve the bride with bring happiness to everybody around. These kinds of games are also loved by the women when they are enjoying themselves in the hens night Thailand party.

Select the scavengers hunt game

This is a game that sends the bride along with her friends on a scavenger hunt for a pack of assorted items and tasks which they have to accomplish during the hens night Thailand. Some of the tasks offered in such a game are to collect a red colored condom from a man, get a willing man to buy the hen a shot known as “sex on the beach”, and also other naughty tasks.

Mummy game is exciting

The mummy game is most loved when one is enjoying their hens night Thailand. In this game one needs to get toilet paper rolls and divide the team. As the hen says begin the team members have to cover a member of their team with the toilet paper in to a mummy. The first team to finish wins the game.

Go wild

When enjoying the hens night Thailand, it is recommended to go wild and also select such games. One can select the murder mystery game which would help in creating an ambience of excitement and mystery.