Double cone blender to meet your mixing and mixing needs

Double cone blender to meet your mixing and mixing needs

An effective form of blender used to mix and mix granules and dry powder is a double cone blender. This mixer is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to mix bulk solids. Its use has increased today, as medications are prepared from a combination of various medicinal ingredients. For efficient drug mixing, some high-performance mixing machines have been introduced, one of which is a double cone mixer. Many pharmaceutical companies have their own mixing machines.

Buying this blender is not a difficult task. Today, there are many companies that manufacture mixers and mixers. Mixers and mixers of many sizes, shapes and speeds are available. Most solid particles of apparent density are mixed in units. Mixing and mixing in certain proportions can easily be carried out in a double cone.

The two cones blenders are made of type 316 stainless steel, polished interior surface with sanitary finish. The outer surface of the blender is generally polished to a grain of 150. This type of blender requires less maintenance. Efficient operation at extremely low power makes it popular in the mixing industry.

Used conical mixers

 Mixed materials

The mixed materials are poured into the stomach of a double cone and constantly mixed to complete the mixing. It usually takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the mixing and mixing task. The time varies according to the type of materials added to mix. It takes less than 10 minutes to completely mix the solids in bulk. Large-scale pharmaceutical companies use this blender because it can mix and mix materials in large quantities. In addition to pharmaceuticals, the blender is also used in the chemical, cosmetic and food industries.

The two-cone blender has a cylindrical shape with two truncated tapered ends on each side of the cylinder. The conical truncated channel will have an opening to fill and remove material. The holes will be controlled manually with butterfly valves. The blocks are well protected with safety rails and appropriate security locks. Used conical mixers up to 1800 liters are available in the industry. The electronic buttons on the blender help in your work without much difficulty. The blender can be mounted on a sturdy stand with wheels. This will help move it in different directions. Meanwhile, a wall-mounted blender helps save space.

Some of the highlights of double cone mixers include:

Amplifiers: the weight of the entire drum will be concentrated on the rods. Strongly reinforced strips help move the drum in any direction for proper mixing.

Arial design: mounting the blender on the wall saves space.

316 stainless steel parts: the stainless-steel case is resistant to rust and dust.

High quality exterior and interior finishes: a mirrored interior surface and a matte exterior surface give it an elegant appearance.