Replacement or repair of dental equipment, which is better?

If you are the main dentist in your dental clinic, you are probably responsible for determining what to do with the dental equipment when it starts to wear out or needs to be replaced due to a possible malfunction. This responsibility should not be taken lightly, because your family and colleagues expect you to make the right decisions.

If you are trying to decide if repairing the dental equipment is the best alternative (instead of buying a new one), there are many factors that must be considered before moving on.

dental handpiece repair

Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

  1. How many years has the dental team been repaired? If it’s an older machine, it’s worth looking at the new models to see what they have to offer. If the update were minor, it would be convenient to simply repair the equipment by a qualified company.
  2. How long does it take to repair an item? Depending on how often you can use the equipment, you may need to change your meetings to continue doing everything. Of course, if repairs can be made on the site, then this would be ideal. Another alternative would be to rent the necessary equipment during the repair of your products, in this way, you will not waste time.
  3. Determine if the machine will last longer on the machine. For products that are more than 10 years old, it is unlikely that repair costs are still covered by the warranty, which means that you pay out of pocket for repairs. If the repair only buys you for an additional year or two, it would be prudent to go ahead and update.
  4. Do the elements you use affect your performance?
  5. When was the last service of the team? It may happen that you do not really need to update the product, but you need a specialist in the repair of your teeth to go to the office and just do the maintenance.

Considering the answers to these questions, there are several reasons why dentists prefer to rebuild rather than replace. This is

  • In most cases, repairing dental equipment is a better option for your budget than replacement.
  • Equipment repair means less items in landfills.
  • Repairs often take much less time than replacing them, especially when it comes to items such as hand-held items.

dental handpiece repair can be an excellent way to save money for your consultation. Before buying this new dental handpiece, do your homework. You may be surprised what you discover.