One of the most used & highly necessary set of instruments is the teeth. Its not only the teeth but the associated organs of the buccal cavity too. Since they are used extensively, we should take proper care for them. Without proper care, teeth can easily decay and there can be onset of cavities in the gums and the teeth.

We all know that teeth is made of enamel, the strongest substance in the whole body. This might give a certain illusion that teeth is the strongest part of the human body. It might seem too good to be true, but teeth is extremely prone to be withered and prone to decay as well. You can see that yourself as well; if you don’t brush for some time, you can see yellow plaque getting accumulated on the top of your teeth. This is just one of the problems of tooth decay, there are several. What we eat nowadays, particularly sweetened and carbonated drinks, artificial food substances, and smoking, all of these affect the teeth and its health. Therefore, the rise pf tooth problems have been on a rise over the last few decades. On this whole thing, what is to be concluded is that teeth require regular care to stay in good shape and health.


Avenue Dental is one of the best dental clinics located in cummings. There are a number of trained dentists on call here along with a group of friendly staff who knows what the treatment means to you. The doctor present here is doctor Budeir, who is an experienced dentist providing all sorts of dental treatment any patient might require. You can get comprehensive dental care, from general dental treatments to preventive cares and cosmetic procedures as well.


There are several services that are provided by this clinic.

PREVENTIVE SERVICES:These services make sure that your teeth is not exposed to decay for too long. Medical science in its advanced stage takes its role and locates the damage in your teeth, in the very early stages and prepares to prevent them from spreading.

RESTORATIVE TEETH SERVICES: These services particularly focus of restoring damaged teeth to their original condition. It takes place when preventive services are of no use anymore.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY: Cosmetic dentist may come to help when your teeth needs special repair, or maybe a makeover of your beautiful smile.

SURGICAL PROCEDURES FOR TEETH: Surgical procedures for teeth are extremely common procedures, particularly the removal of wisdom teeth, and all these procedures are available at this clinic.

All of these procedures are done by the supervision of Dr. Budeir and are almost always successful.