Shower Loofahs

A Guideline Regarding the Use of Shower Loofahs

Bath and Body Works Offer Best Bathing Accessories

Loofahs are prevalent bathing accessories required for skin exfoliation and cleaning. It is often assumed that natural loofahs are produced through dry coral or sea sponge because these are made up of rough material. In fact, the natural loofah is made up of gourd, picking from the cucumber family. Though natural loofahs have cleansing and exfoliating properties, but these are not the first choice of everyone. For sensitive skin, soft loofahs are designed.In this regard, bath and body works coupon is offered to get the shower accessories as per your needs.

Benefits of Using Sponge for Bathing

The loofah sponge acts like a scrubber, therefore, gives many benefits to its users. When it is used with soap bar or shower gel, it cleanses the skin and removes the dirt. Dead skin cells get accumulated round the outer skin layer and make your appearance gloomy and less youthful. Use of scrub removes the dead cells without disturbing the healthy cells in the skin.

Moreover,the movement of sponge helps in blood circulation.

Shower Loofahs

Types of Loofahs

1. To make your bathing experience effective, you must select the right loofah. There are chemical free cotton loofah sticks that are best for sensitive skin. These are available in compressed form, so soak the sponge in water for a few minutes.

2. Unlike the simple loofah sticks, there are long handled sponges that make it easy to scrub the back area easily.

3. The loofah hypoallergenic pads are soft in nature. Instead of wasting time in drying and contaminating the germs, throw away the pad and take out another for next use. The bath and body works coupon is available online to give you some compensation on your shopping.

Precautionary Measures

1. It is necessary to use the shower accessories properly and take great care of them. Otherwise, these can become carriers of germs and cause skin infection or other illnesses.

2. After shaving, avoid using the loofah. The skin sometimes gets bruises while doing the shave, so bacteria can find an easy passage to enter into your body.

3. One more important thing is to avoid using the sponge on genital areas as it helps in growing the bacteria.

 Right Ways to Clean the Shower Sponge or Loofah

 1. After taking a bath, you must pay attention to loofah cleaning. Instead of putting it on a hook, take a dry towel to squeeze the water and let it dry. Do not place it in the bathroom. Hang it in a dry and cool area outside the washroom.

2. Drying out the shower sponge should be your routine. Every weekend, spare some time to clean it thoroughly. To avoid any risk of bacterial infection, put the loofah in diluted water, having bleach (10%) as well. Cleaning with this water will kill the germs. Dip the sponge in bleach based water for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse properly. Now, dry it out and hang it in a cool place.

3. To keep our sensitive skin safe, try to change the shower sponge after two months use. If musty stink or mold is present on the loofah, it’s the time to throw away the sponge and buy the new. Refer bath and body works coupon to get these shower accessories at low rates.