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All About White Wines And Food Pairing

Wines come into two different types: white and red wines. Both wines offer a good taste that satisfies your taste buds. A lot of people considered it as the favorite drink in social gatherings and any event. Also, when wines are served, they consider it as a high-class event. The fact that wines have reasonable prices, it is also made from high-quality fermented grapes. For the fermentation process, it takes a long period of days, weeks, months, and even years. According to wine experts, the more wine is fermented, the more it creates a good taste. The belief that wines are vintage being a costly beverage must be changed. The assumption does not hold to be the real score. Wine is considered vintage because it exists for long years in the market industry.

As you can see, each wine is accompanied by the year it was made. So, when you buy wine online malaysia, you can have a list of a variety of wines to choose from.

buy wine online malaysia

The white wines

  • Pinot Grigio. It is more colorful compared to the other white wines. It is delicately perfumed and soft. This wine has a nice crispness acidity. The elements of this wine include citrus, flowers, pear, and subtle.
  • Chardonnay. This is a very drinkable kind of white wine. It can be differentiated from the other varieties according to the fermentation process and special aging oak barrels. The unique aromas from nutty to creamy are from the special oak barrels where the wine is fermented. You can check white wines at This wine offers various tastes, it includes lemon, peach, pear, pineapple, vanilla, and more. Chardonnay is popularly known as the white table wine.
  • Muscato. It is known as a low-alcohol wine. It has an intensely-perfumed aroma and a unique musky taste. It is usually used as a dessert wine. It has an aroma of gardenia, honey, tropical fruits, and elements of citrus.
  • Riesling. It is a lower-alcohol wine from the famous German grapes. It is characterized by having an acid balance and a unique fruit. Riesling is fermented in an oak barrel making it more adaptable to a lot of food types. Riesling is a dry wine with honeysuckle and peach sweet elements.
  • Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is known as being aromatic wine with citrus and grass fragrances. It is spicier and has the hints of black currant, melon, and gooseberry.

Pairing wine and food

White wine is best paired with white meats. Red wines are perfect to get paired with red meats. Did you know that the preparation of food and sauce is most essential to wine pairing? Yes, you can try it. A lot of wines work well when paired with certain dishes. As a wine collector or wine lover, you must know all of these.