Post care after hair transplantation procedure

Post care after hair transplantation procedure

Hair transplantation is a wonderful technique where most of the people are widely depending upon it. You can see people of a young age looks so odd with their bald looks and some kids call them uncle/aunt. Of course, you are much talented qualified professional guy but the basic looks also depict your age. This is why hair plays a major role. Applying henna’s, oil massage treatments, and all are the basic things to keep your hair healthy even though you are occupied with your busy works. Today hair loss problem is a serious issue to many and we can see costly equipped hair care centers are available everywhere. Some centers are even offering discounts to attract their customers. The necessity of hair restoration has become much popular. Especially hair transplantation treatment has gained immense popularity.

In this hair transplantation treatment, hair restoration is done. Your specialist surgeon collects your hair follicles of your donor area and attaching those hair follicles to your affected area under general anesthesia.  This process needs pre-care medication and post-care instructions. After successful insertion of hair follicles, you have to essentially follow out post-care instructions strictly to settle in a normal way of living with your beautiful hair. 

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Let’s see the post-care after the treatment:

  • Washing of your hair after treatment is done very sensitively. It should not affect the hair follicles that are transplanted. Your doctor will advise you on how to care for your hair in terms of shampooing and oiling etc. please pen point every point in detail. As per reports, up to 3months of very strict personal care must be taken to avoid your treatment failure possibility. It depends upon you on how you care for your hair after treatment. Hair wash is compulsory to release all the scabs but it should be done very smoothly.
  • Sunlight exposure is not at all recommendable for two weeks.
  • Of course some moderate to mild pain will be there for 2 days after the treatment. Prepare yourself that you will be experiencing much pain in your donor part than the transplanted part (recipient part). Pain killers will help you don’t worry.
  • Swelling is also observed after the procedure and of course, it is seen in some cases only. If the swelling affects you then you will be advised with a proper drug namely dexamethasone to relieve it.
  • The most common problem with this treatment is an itching like sensation. Don’t feel worried and realize that it is a part of recovering nature. It doesn’t mean that if the itching is too much, make sure to consult the doctor without any hesitation.
  • Right pillow usage in the right posture of sleep is recommended to the patients to avoid any kind of swelling or the pain caused in the recipient area (where transplantation of hair follicles is done).
  • Finally, you can start your exercises happily after ten days of this treatment but make sure to shower immediately after your exercise is advisable. It is due to avoid risky infections that might affect by chance.

Conclusion: This is why post-care is a must to enjoy the success of your beautiful hair transplantation treatment finally.