Business Needs ERP Software

SAP Business One Software For Smart And Best Decisions

SAP Business one software is a business management software sold by a German company called SAP SE. this application comes under the software category called ERP solutions. This software was initially launched by an Israel company in 1996 under the name ‘Top Manage’. At first, the software was only sold in Israel country. In 2002, a company named SAP purchased the software. It is supported by a leading SAP partner named ‘AFON’. It is used by more than 60,000 customers all around the world.

Working on SAP Business One: –

The software has all the tools required to grow an organization quickly and efficiently. The functions of the applications are:

  • It automates your business processes and makes time for you to look at the insights and grow business.
  • It automates most of the process such as journal entries, managing cash flow, controlling budgets, creating reports from real-time data.
  • Processing bank statements, reconciliations, faster payments using cash, check, and bank transfers.
  • Elimination of manual data entry. Providing insights using reports and real-time data.
  • It helps you make smarter and best decisions by giving you insights and suggestions. There are tools inside this software such as- dashboards, reports, and real-time analysis.
  • It simplifies data searching and produces analysis at the same time. Managers can track the resources, revenue costs, cash flow, and costs with much ease.
  • The application detects the status of the organization with the help of in-built tools such as reporting tools, dashboards, etc.
  • This software works at its maximum efficiency when run on SAP HANA which is a unique database for SAP.

Business Needs ERP Software

Partners and Community of the Software: –

            This application is delivered across the world by SAP Partner Edge. The partnerstypes for this application are:

  • Value-added Resellers (VAR) – This SAP partner sells, implements the products to the customers. It also provides support to the customers
  • Software Solution Partners (SSP) – This SAP partner creates the horizontal and vertical standard solution for the company. It sells them via VAR.
  • Open Ecosystem – this is a community where you will be able to sell and service SAP approved products through its distribution channel.

Extensibility of The Software: –

            The software consists of the following:

  • Data Interface API (DI-API)
  • User interface API (UI-API)
  • SAP Business One Integration Technology (B1i)
  • Service Layer for SAP HANA
  • Service Layer for Microsoft SQL Server

This application helps you to grow your business alongside small and medium-sized organizations and enterprises. It creates a competitive environment in the organization.