Want A Divorce One Your Terms? Contact This Divorce Lawyer Houston

How much does it cost to get divorced?

In Houston, a divorce can cost a lot depending on the parties’ abilities to agree on similar terms relating to properties, child custody, and much more. One thing we’ve got to remember is that we pay our attorney for the time they and their staff members spend on the case. Most of the divorce attorneys in Houston bill the client as per the number of hours they have been spending on our case. One way to get the minimum amount of bill from an attorney is to agree on the terms with the partner before actually contacting the attorney. If we disagree and keep arguing after we hire the attorney, it will just add up to the bill. If you want a quick divorce under your terms, contact this Divorce lawyer Houston.

Documents required for a divorce in Houston

Getting a divorce is not a simple task. You need to spend time and submit various documents. Then you are needed to be present in front of a judge and then the judge decides whether to grant a divorce or not. Some of the documents needed to be submitted for a divorce are:

  • Address proof of both husband and wife
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Profession details and total earning proof of both
  • Family background information
  • Marriage Photographs
  • Evidence for the fact that the wife and the husband have been living separately for more than a year
  • Proof of the fact that attempts to reconcile had failed
  • Income tax statements of both husband and wife
  • Property and other asset details of both

Some additional documents can be needed for some special cases.


How to file a divorce in Mutual Consent?

In the case of mutual consent, divorce can be filled by the following steps:

  • The first step is the joint filing of a divorce petition
  • Husband and wife both appear in the court for recording of their statements
  • Court then examines the petition, they try to reconcile the couple and then record statements
  • Court passes the order on the first motion
  • Court gives 6 months to the couple to think again on their decision
  • Then the filing of the second movement should be done within 18 months
  • Divorce passed by the court

As it can be noticed, getting a divorce is a long procedure. This is the case when the couple is agreeing on all the terms like child custody, property distribution, etc. If there’s a conflict in any area, divorce can take much longer. The divorce will not be finished till the time both don’t agree and the case is closed. Or, in some cases when the couple is not able to agree, the court decides what is best for the couple. A good Divorce lawyer Houston can help in such cases.