What are the drawbacks of cloud computing

What are the drawbacks of cloud computing?

Several benefits are offered by the clouding to the business. It provides flexibility about your business connectivity from any time, anywhere. Around 69% of businesses are using computer clouding. It is one of the most efficient technologies to run the business. It helps in business for increasing profit margins. If you are not using cloud resources then it may increase the cost of hardware, software and upgrades in the system. That will increase the cost of the contract. By using cloud computing you don’t need any expert staff for certain work that will save your money as well as also reduce the consumption of your energy. There is no technology exist that has no drawback. Hence, talking to iSeries Cloud Providers always helps. Cloud computing has also a few drawbacks that you will see with regular usage. These are:

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  1. The dependency of network connection: To reclaim the profits of cloud computing your system should be connected through the internet always. Inappropriately, there is no option to get rid of this fact. The Internet is needed for the cloud to send and regain files. If due to any storm or any other reason any loss of connections occurs, your business may involve few downtimes.
  2. Restricted features: Different types of clouds are created with different technology. Always try to work with the provider who gives the bandwidth of infinite value for the storage and backup of data in cloud computing. Sometimes you will experience restricted space of storage or accessibility.
  3. Have no control: For taking care of your data you are basically relying on another party. It will be your forcedness to trust on other parties that they will maintain your data center as you would. You are forcedly to believe that the provision of data is keeping your files secured in both the places whether it is online or on physical devices.
  4. Security issue: It is seen from the last few times that the provider who claims to secure your data but in actually they didn’t. As a business, you cannot give sensitive data about your firm or your consumers being a victim of hackers. The biggest disadvantage of cloud computing is that you have no idea to whom you trust who provides you network.
  5. Technical issues: If you are facing any issues related to technical, you have no option but to ask technical support to assist your hosted provider. The problems related to cloud computing are not sorted by yourself at home and few providers never give ant technical support.
  6. Data incompatibility: It is diverse according to several service providers. A few times, a seller closes a consumer using registered rights so that one consumer does not turn to another seller.