Early Predictions for 2021 Sunglasses Trends

It is the time of the year when people start to consider what the coming sunglasses trend might be. It is a yearly exercise for people in this industry. In as much as people have to do their best to anticipate what consumers will want in advance of every selling season, companies need to get it right.

They should provide what their retailers need to keep consumers happy and contented. With this in mind, experts offer their early predictions of fashion trends in the sunglasses industry this year. People are not as confident as they were in the past year. Maybe because of the ongoing pandemic and its impact on the retail sector. Fortunately, the public will still need these items in 2021, with coronavirus or not.

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Cat-eyes (unconventional)

Cat-eye sunglasses lover their unexpected popularity this past fall and summer. Experts cannot offer an explanation as to why the sudden surge in popularity. Nonetheless, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram were alive with rave reviews and images about this eyepiece.

According to fashion enthusiasts, the love for cat-eyes will continue, but it will pay more attention to unconventional alterations and modifications. For instance, they got a nice improvement over the last year when designers made them a bit angular. Some designers narrowed their lenses on the top part and gave them a comprehensive look at the bottom. The result was an unconventional design that still maintained the recognizable look of the cat-eyes design that a lot of people are accustomed to.

Bigger rectangle designs

Customers start experimenting with more significant rectangular designs last spring. Then the pandemic hit, and the retail industry experienced its most significant revenue loss in the past years. Where does that leave companies? Some consumers whose plans to purchase eyepieces like Saint Laurent Glasses were put on hold will be back this coming spring with the public unsatisfied.

Not only that, it appears that these consumers will choose bigger lenses and frames. Businesses should expect the oversized sunglasses of late 2019 and early 2020 (pre-pandemic) to be replaced by much bigger rectangular frames. These sunglasses will not be oversized. These frames will just be on the bigger side of the style.

Retro is coming back

The coronavirus crisis makes a lot of people looking back on the vintage or retro look for nostalgia. They find satisfaction in trying to copy what their grandparents and parents enjoyed when days were a lot simpler. In terms of expensive and designer sunglasses, it translates into an immediate desire for vintage or retro looks. Small frames with circular designs are the perfect example.

Cat-eyes are also a good example, but we have already talked about this design. Circular sunglasses reminds us of John Lennon. This look can turn to be one of the more popular frame designs this summer. Vintage aviators in the 30s or 40s design could also be a massive hit for this year. Younger generations looking to dress in vintage or retro styles might want to match their glasses with their dresses.