Most of the time spare parts are replaced by car racers

Most of the time spare parts are replaced by car racers

Car racers use the advanced car parts to win the race there car parts wear out soon. As they participate in the racing frequently parts works slowly too. They choose the branded spare parts to their cars for better experience not damage during the race there are many spare parts companies like These companies are mostly used by car racers because they has much need of spare parts.

Suspensions are the connecting devices in the car

Car suspension is the system of some parts in the car. The suspension system contains mechanical system by collaborating system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkage system work together. There are three types of suspension. Coil suspension which make car bounce less when loaded. Coil suspension also absorbs bumps. Leaf suspension it controls the energy from one position to other. The last one is torsion suspension it acts as a spring. When the wheel passes over the bump the bar of the torsion suspension twists. Then it returns to original position when the bumps is passed over. The suspension systems based on leaf springs it helps in the steady support for the overall vehicle. These are mostly used in the manufacturing of trucks. Coil spring  can take heavy loads and they doesn’t make noise problem too. Coil springs they are used in small vehicles. Torsion bar help in the moving up and down with respect to the car. Air springs helps in the smooth performance and glide over the bumps. The air springs are the costly among the four systems. They are more chances of failing if we check at regular intervals we can avoid the problem of failing.


Car alignment is the adjustment of angles of the tires which effect the contact with the road. It was the major and important part of the manufacturing engineer. The alignment is in the different steps like front end, thrust and four wheel. If the alignment is done properly then reduces the auto repairs, it improves vehicle safety, car goes smoothly without disturbances,  tires has the life and we can save fuel. If the car alignment is not proper then it gives us signs car pulls to the left or right, steering wheel crooked and tires will squeal.


We should not only replace the spare parts which are became worse of the car but also need to see the alignments and suspensions of the car because there are the links between the parts if they work properly car doesn’t damage. If it doesn’t work properly the car parts get bad and sometimes slow working of them leads to the accidents.