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Ozeran Law is your best helpmate when you want to seek compensation for injuries sustained at work.  Occupational hazards occur all the time and you are free to seek compensation if you ever become a victim of occupational hazards. Your case will be very strong and viable if the workplace accident is not your fault. All you need to do in such an instance is to get in touch with Ozeran Law and the law firm will be most willing to assists you. They have the expertise and experience to always meet your needs and they will always do a good job of it. What is more, they will never demand for any payment from you until the case is won. This means that you will not pay a dime if they cannot win the case. There is no better law firm to visit for California workers’ compensation lawyers than Ozeran Law.

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Professional assistance

The lawyers at Ozeran Law will not only represent you in court when you want to claim compensation for workplace injury; the lawyers will also provide you with helpful advice and guidance that will help you to make the right decision so that your case can hold water in court. For one, you are expected to report the workplace injury to your employers. You can then go ahead and file a case of occupational hazard.  The California workers’ compensation lawyers from Ozeran Law can then take it up from there. The law dictates that you are expected to report the workplace injury to your employers within 30 days of sustaining the injury.  However, it is advisable to report the case as early as possible; you should not wait until it reaches the 30th day.

Workers Compensation Attorney

How to make reports

In case you are unable to report the case to the employer by yourself because of the extent of the injury you sustained, you can ask your coworkers to report to the employer on your behalf.  If you report earlier, it will encourage a proper documentation of the case.  It will enable you to get adequate evidences to push your claim through.

When reporting the incident, you are supposed to state what happened, how it happened, where it occurred and also indicate anyone that was a witness. All these will make the case a lot easier for the lawyers from Ozeran Law to get you the compensation you desire.

If you do not know where your rights start and end as far as workplace injury is concerned, the professional lawyers at this law firm will guide you about this. They will help you get your compensation and will not demand for any payment until the case is won.  If the injury is as a result of negligence on the part of the employer, then this can strengthen your claim and make it a lot easier to get the compensation that you seek.  With the help of the layers from Ozeran Law, you will never be confused about what to do next.