Know more details about PES 2020 game

After years of lagging behind FIFA as the leading football game franchise, Konami has stepped up its game with PES 2020.

With all-new licensed teams, players and leagues, you can use Efootball PES 2020 download and looks and feels like an industry-leading console game.

Konami recently announced a partnership with Bayern Munich, with the Bundesliga champions a part of the game for the first time since 2016.

To mark the occasion, we were invited to Bayern’s Allianz Arena tio have a hands-on experience with the new PES. ambitiously called eFootball PES 2020.

Quite the mouthful… Here are the four things we learned

  • Insane Graphics

The 3D scans of the players look eerily similar to their real-life selves.

Both the PES legends and Bayern players have intricate details of tattoos, hairstyles and skin blemishes. Talk about upping the game, Konami…

 Yes, that is what Ronaldinho looks like in-game

Every licenced team has had the scanning treatment – so there’s plenty of  decent player models dotted around.

Take Bayern winger Kingsley Coman, for example. Look closely and you’ll be able to pick out individual strands of hair. Yes, it really is that good.

  • Iconic celebrations

PES has brought back some of the hilarious and brilliant celebrations, as well as some signature celebrations from the best goalscorers in the world.

 All of the celebrations in PES 2020 have been wonderfully realised.

Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski runs towards the corner flag with his signature celebration.

 Watching Legends perform classic celebrations is a real joy.

PES Legend Gabriel Batistuta and his memorable machine gun celebration.

Over the years these nostalgic celebrations have been swept under the carpet and newer ‘trendy’ celebrations have taken over. It’s certainly a nice touch from Konami to add some old school celebrations. Watching Batistuta do his machine gun celebration never gets old.

  • First touch mechanics

 Serge Gnabry is Bayern Munich’s PES Ambassador

Konami has changed the ‘cheesy’ style of one-touch play that let you pass your way through a team just by repeatedly pressing the short pass button.

Instead, the focus now is all about timing, with the type of contact depending on how well the pass was timed.

Controlling the ball from long passes depends on the quality of the player’s ball control. Nobody in PES legends or Bayern Munich had a poor first touch from simple long balls but you can imagine that lower quality players are likely to suffer with maintaining possession whilst under pressure.

  • Defending and Shielding 

 The Allianz has been beautifully recreated in PES 2020

We’ve already touched on the graphics, but it’s the animation that really shines this year.

Realistic shielding of the ball and slide tackles make the game feel even more authentic.