Lose Weight With a Coffee Diet – Is This Real

Lose Weight With a Coffee Diet – Is This Real?

For many, coffee is a part of their daily routine. Drinking a cup of coffee every morning helps them to get energize and ready for the day. Not only that, but coffee can also be an added regimen to help you lose weight quicker. But before that, make sure to talk with your doctor to explain the benefits and possible risk of adding coffee to your weight-loss plan.

Who wouldn’t love coffee? Espresso? Latte? Americano? Name it; coffee is better when it’s brewed, especially if the coffee bean is filtered using a koffiezetapparaat.

Why do you think people drink coffee daily? Generally speaking, coffee is not the main cause of weight loss here; it’s the caffeine. This powerful drug (caffeine) increases the function of your central nervous system, especially the heart and muscles. Getting 100mg of caffeine every day, which is equivalent to one cup of coffee, can help you shed an extra nine calories in one hour. Also, caffeine suppresses your appetite.

So, if you’re not hungry but your mouth is bored, sip a cup of coffee and your cravings will melt away.


Ways to Lose Weight Faster

To make you lose weight faster, you should follow a calorie-deficit method. Meaning, you only need to eat the required daily calorie intake that your body needs to lose weight. You can also burn excess calories with the help of exercise. If one kilo of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories, then creating a thousand calorie daily deficit can assist you to lose an estimated 2 pounds per week. Keep in mind, losing more than 2 pounds a week can put your muscle at risk. It’ll slow down your calorie-burning function and the speed of your weight loss.

Moreover, the number of calories you’re about to burn will vary depending on your physical activities. For example, a 160-pounds person burns 265 calories in a 30-minute jogging routine or a 30-minute game of table tennis, while a 190-pound person burns 315 calories by doing the same physical activities.

Drinking a Cup of Coffee and Losing Weight 

Did you know that black coffee has 0 calories?

That’s why a cup of coffee is an excellent addition to your weight-loss plan because it doesn’t have any calories. But if you add milk, sugar, or creamer in your coffee, calories will be added too. If you’re serious about your diet, you should only consume black coffee.

If you prefer brewed, make sure that you use a koffiezetapparaat so you can extract coffee liquid from the coffee beans. If it’s too bitter, you may add sweeteners like stevia, sucralose or erythritol. These sweeteners don’t kick your insulin, because they have 0 glycemic indexes. It is an excellent alternative from sugar, which contains 100 glycemic indexes. Since your focus is weight loss, make sure you don’t consume too much sugar and carbohydrates.

Overall, coffee is a tasty beverage that can’t make you fat, only if you consume black. Plus, it has a lot of health benefits that you can enjoy. Aside from boosting up your metabolism, it can also help to lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.