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A brief Analysis of Antique Watches to the Present Day Urban Men’s Watches

If you want to know about modern watch brands that have seized the notice of watch lovers, then it’s better to go online and visit the platform of UNDONE, a modern shop online which boasts on a valuable collection of trendiest watches. But, before that, it’s better to explore some of the collection of historical watches that stole the hearts when they were in use. 

Antique timepieces

 Watch also renowned as a timepiece, is an integral part of human life, and using it is no less than a fashion. There was an era when people weren’t conscious of its concept. Right from the ancient world to the period that highlights before the 15th century, people measured time just by observing the Sun, its location in the firmament by just glancing a look at the blue sky above. At a time or even today, a form of watch known as the hourglass, also known as sandglass was utilized in measuring the variation in time.

Today, if one goes to watch museums, one can see the antique pieces of the hourglass. It is believed to be the earliest form of a watch. From the time of its invention, watches have undergone numerous transformations in its forms and look to the present day wristwatch brands.

Indeed, some explanations suggest that the origin of the very term ‘watch’ can be traced back to the root of the English literature as well. Anyway, there are countless marvelously designed antique collections of watch which can be regarded as the forefathers of the wristwatch.

comic brand watches

Watch came into existence in the form of portable spring-driven clocks. Next, came the fashion of ‘pocket watch’ which came in distinctive variations and made from different metals like gold and silver. Even there are suggestions of the wood pocket clock, transparent, and many more. The pocket watch is still obtainable and its splendor and majesty never fade. The antiquity associated with these timepieces is almost absent in modern-day watches. The early model of wristwatches was worn by the participants in the First World War. Today you can found it in the clock museum (Germany). Afterward, the Quartz watch got its commercial break bringing a drastic change in the technology of watches. 


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