New HD Movies Online: Thriller Movies For Tollywood Buffs

The year 2019 saw a cinematic revolution in the Telugu film industry. With many small-scale films doing exceptionally well irrespective of the lack of superstars, catchy songs, and all the elements that make a solidly entertaining film, the industry saw the advent of new trends that can, over time, be a source of cinematic change in the industry.

With the audience being more receptible to new and experimental movie plots, the industries have seen an advent of filmmakers with creative freedom, thus adding variety to the Telugu film industry and new additions to Telugu new movies watch online search engines.

Thriller is a genre that many people enjoy; it keeps the audience gripped to their seats and leaves them appalled at the climax. Vadhaladu is one such movie that experiments on a classic genre and doesn’t fail the audience’s expectations. 

Aruvam, later dubbed in Telugu as Vadhaladu, is a 2019 Tamil supernatural-thriller film. Written and Directed by Sai Sekhar, the film stars Siddharth and Catherine Tresa in the lead with KabirDuhan Singh, Madhusudhan Rao, Sathish, AadukalamNaren and Manobala in supporting roles. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Sai Thaman, while cinematography and editing were handled by N. K. Ekambaram and Praveen K. L., respectively.

The film follows the story of Jyothi, a primary school teacher with no sense of smell. After her mother’s death, she engages in humanitarian work and does her best to take care of the needy. On the other side, we get to know Jagannathan, a food safety officer passionate about detecting food adulteration in various outlets in Tamil Nadu.

This results in him making many enemies who try to kill him. All the chase and fight back frustrate and weakens his mental state leading him to commit suicide. Before this, we see that while love blossomed between the two leads, business officials who hated the food security officer were dying weirdly. This leads the viewer into believing if Jagannathan is behind their death; however, the climax isn’t too generic. After the death of Jagannathan, his soul ended up residing in Jyothi’s body, who then seeks to murder all those who were behind Jagannathans untimely death. 

Vadhaladu is a venture into a unique manner and is a well-deserving addition to new movies watch online. With a strong take on a relevant social issue of food alteration, the film interlaces the broader topic with a poignant love story, gripping thriller, and eye-catching horror elements. The computer graphics and cinematography deserve to laud their technical skill and elevate the film by a notch.

The high production value and phenomenal camera work that adds the eerie atmosphere in some scenes and a phenomenal background score bind all the elements together to make this engaging thriller come to life.

Breaking from generic stereotypes, Vadhaladu is unique and engaging. The film is available as an addition to Telugu new movies; watch online on OTT platforms such as AHA that specifically curates lists of Telugu films. If you want to enjoy more such films, then all of them are just one subscription away exclusively on AHA.