What are the commonly used instruments in Radiology

What are the commonly used instruments in Radiology?

Medical images started in the 20th century. After its discovery of the x-ray. It started to grow interested in radiology but it took hold during World War II. Medical imaging originally started with x-rays.  It can see through the body using some film that will be made as an image. It will take 11 minutes and it takes the patient 50 times more radiation. But today it will take a few seconds.

Nowadays there are a lot of changes because of Imaging Associates. In the 1960s when ultrasound scanning was developed during World War II. This became a reality. It will work if there is a stream of high-frequency and low wavelength sound waves. To enter the body and knock the organs inside the body then bouncing back to the x-ray. It can be used to make an image under your skin and it is safe to use. This has been used for pregnant women.

Radiology is a method that is using radiant energy. To determine and heal diseases that are found inside the body. These equipment are commonly used to treat patients.

Imaging Associates

CT Scan

CT stands for Computed Tomography scan. It is a large ring-shaped machine. To use to make clear and thorough pictures of what is inside of the human body. It is commonly used before surgery. The common use of CT scan is in the part of the brain to know what is causing a stroke to check for any head injuries. It is also used to treat cancer in the liver, lungs, and other parts of the body. It identifies what size, and the location of the tumor.


It has high electromagnetic waves in capturing pictures of dense tissues. For example the bones and teeth. X-rays locate any fracture or injuries in the bones, infection, tumor, kidneys, and more.

Ultrasound machine

The sonography machines or the ultrasound machines are using imaging methods. That is based on the application of ultrasound. This machine applies in a frequency range of 1 to 18 megahertz. The use of this is to see internal body structures. Most likely the muscles, tendons, joints, and other internal organs. It captures in real-time. This can also show the movement and structure of the body’s organs.


It is a flexible tube that is attached to a camera and light. This is usually inserted in the body to have a thorough perspective of the inner parts. It is entered in the mouth, anus, or small surgical cut. The endoscope is a non-surgical operation to see the body’s digestive tract. This can also be used in other cases. Such as ulcers, gastritis, and bleeding in the digestive tract to know what is it causing.